Kew Palace - The smallest of all royal palaces in England.

This Dutch style house was once a private mansion built in 1631 by architect James Wyatt for a wealthy Flemish silk merchant. The Hanoverian King George III bought it as he loved spending time here away from the limelight to live a normal life with his family of 15 children. They loved being away from their royal duties in busy London. The king was also incarcerated here when he suffered from his first serious bout of madness. Away from the public eye, doctors tried to cure the king by administering powerful emetics and laxatives, leeching and freezing baths. What an awful plight psychiatry treatment was in those days!

The kings wife Charlotte died in one of the rooms of the Palace. She was suddenly taken ill on a journey from London to Windsor and never left the place again as she passed away 10 months later in Kew Palace. The entire village of Kew came to silently watch the procession of her coffin which was taken to Windsor Castle for burial. The coubled courtyard of Windsor castle was muffledwith straw so the by now seriously demented king GIII wouldn’t be aware of the death of his beloved wife Queen Charlotte. They did apparently spent some happy times at Kew Palace in younger days.


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